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Portrait of Paul


PAUL the soul winner

No Comments 11 April 2013

There have been many great soul winners throughout man’s history, men and woman. One could name men such as Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Billy Sunday or Jack Hyles. Even though these men are widely known in the fundamental circle as great men of God, there was a man who was a far greater soul winner then […]

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Book of Acts

New Testament

Acts of the Apostles

No Comments 13 February 2013

The Acts of the Apostles Quotes from Old Testament found in New Testament King James Version (KJV)                                                                        Luke (who authored […]

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New Testament

Paul’s Ministry as found in the book of Acts

No Comments 23 August 2010

Ministry as found in the Book of Acts ……………………     By Steve Kramm . . I. Paul’s First Missionary Journey (13:1-14:28)      AD 47 – 48 PAUL1stJourney A. Paul and Barnabas commissioned in Antioch to the Lord’s work (13:1-3) B. Ministry in Cyprus (13:4-12) .      1. John Mark was along as an […]

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