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Different Gospels

No Comments 18 August 2017

Different Gospels   (Good News)       Gospels of Scripture Household Pastor Curt Crist of Grace Bible Church 4 Major Gospels of Scripture Gospel of Kingdom of God  (Overall rule of God (in Heaven and Earth) 1 Chr 29:11    Mark 1:14-15  Acts 28:31 Gospel of the Kingdom     (on earth, promised to the Jews) Matt 4:17-23, 9:35, 24:14    Mark […]

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What must I do to be Saved?

No Comments 23 February 2013

    What must I do to be Saved?                                                               For an individual to ask this question, they must be in trouble, in need or […]

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Gospel according to Mark

No Comments 18 February 2013

Gospel according to Mark (Quotes from Old Testament) Mark was not an Apostle; he was a follower (disciple) of Peter (his uncle) who later traveled with Paul and Barnabus.  He wrote this Gospel around 70 AD making it one of the earliest written.  It appears to be written to all believers and narrates the ministry […]

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Scroll of Luke


Gospel according to Luke

No Comments 18 February 2013

Gospel according to Luke (Quotes from Old Testament) King James Version (KJV) Luke, the doctor, traveling companion of Paul wrote this Gospel around 60 AD.  He was a Greek and the only Gentile Christian writer of the New Testament. The language of Luke reveals that he is an educated man. We learn in Colossians 4:14 […]

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Gospel According To:

No Comments 13 February 2013

Gospel according to:       The best way to know what the Gospel is, is to see what the Bible has to say about the Gospel Here is a list of what the New Testament writers and Jesus had to say about the Gospel. Jesus, (as recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke) Peter and […]

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