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LIFE & TIMES of the JUDGES 5/2/07 Acts 13:20  About 450 years from Joshua to Samuel Judges 2:8 Joshua Dies Israel turns to worship Baalim Judges 2:11 God raises up JUDGES to deliver Israel Judges did not necessarily follow each other but over lapped their time BC 1375 – 1050 BC___Years__ Judge__________________ Ref 1375   […]

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Age of Law (National)

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Age of Law (National)

No Comments 02 August 2010

5 Law Verses to go with Chart 3/10/02 COVENANT             DAVIDIC                 (2 Sam 7:4-17) COVENANT             PALISTINNIC          (Deut 30:1-10) COVENANT             NEW                        (Jer 31:31-37, Heb 8:7-13) The Ten Commandments—————————————-Exodus 20 COMMAND:  Obey God’s Law DISOBEDENCE:  Disobeyed God’s Law Key Events: The Altar                               […]

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