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Esther Accuses


JEW Old Testament

No Comments 28 September 2017

JEW Old Testament a member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism and who trace their origins through the ancient Hebrew people of Israel to Abraham. The word JEW is only used in the Old Testament 12 times, and it first appears in the book of Esther where it is used […]

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BIO-Abram to Moses

Sarah LifeLine

No Comments 15 August 2017

Life & Times of Sarai / Sarah                               5-2-07 Note: All references are in Genesis 11-25 unless otherwise listed BC 2156 – 1991 BC    Age   Event                                                                           Ref 2156-       Birth Sarai (1/2 sister) marries Abram   […]

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BIO-Adam to Noah

Noah TimeLine

No Comments 02 August 2010

Life & Times of Noah                                    Age of CONSCIENSE Note: All references are in Genesis 5-11 unless otherwise listed Age Event Ref Noah:   The Bible seems to have little to say about Noah prior to God’s call to preach, to […]

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Age of Promise (One Family/Nation)


Age of Promise (One Family/Nation)

No Comments 02 August 2010

4 Promise Verses to go with Chart 3/10/02 COVENANT             ABRAHAMIC                           (12:1-3) COVENANT             MOSAIC                                  (19:5-8) Call of Abram—————————————-Genesis 12:1-3 COMMAND:  Stay out of Egypt  (The World)                       12:1 DISOBEDENCE:  Wound up in Egypt                      Exodus   1:1 […]

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