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Officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo is the Capital City.

ARABIC is the official language, ISLAM is the official religion.

Egypt covers an area of 386,659 square miles.

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Egypt land size is bigger than TEXAS with a population of over 97 million people.

Egypt is mentioned in the Bible 558 times. 536 times in OT and 22 times in NT.

Egyptian history is generally considered to have begun in 3200 B.C. when King Menes     (also called Narmer) united the Upper and Lower Kingdoms. 

Egypt’s history has traditionally been divided into 30 (sometimes 31) dynasties. Dynasties   one and two date back around 5,000 years and are often called the “early dynastic” or “archaic” period. 

Egypt is one of the oldest countries mentioned in the Bible and it has retained land and its name.

Israel (the Jew) grew into a nation of people in the land of Egypt. Then Moses led the people out of Egypt and took them to the Land that God shad promised Abraham. Joshua led the people int the land and Israel became a true nation with land and people.

Israel goes into Egypt               Genesis 46 thru 50.      

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Israel lead out of Egypt            Exodus 1 thru 12.     

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Israel gets her LAND                 Deuteronomy 34 thru Joshua 5. 

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According to the Holy Scripture, Egypt is (and has) to come under much judgement from God for the way they have treated His people, The Jew. The book of Isaiah has much to say on this subject. But Egypt will turn to God and be Blessed in the Later days. They will again be a great nation along with Israel.

The book of Jeremiah has much to say about Egypt and its punishments and blessings. 

Matthew Chapter 2 records the birth of Christ in Bethlehem and then how he was taken to Egypt for safety.
Matthew 2:15 gives the reason and fulfilled Hosea 11:1.

Most references to Egypt in the NT refer to how Egypt treated the Jews as the people of Israel grew into a atiion.