HEAVEN – It’s Names     

Greek   OURANOS                   –         Sky, Air

A HOUSE   John 14:2

In my Fathers House     (Greek  OIKIA)  proper residence, House, Home

Are many Mansions                (Greek MONE)  a residence dwelling

To prepare a place for you    (Greek TOPOS)  a spot, generally a space

PARADISE        (Greek PARADISOS)  a park, an Eden, place of Happyness

Luke 23:43

If the soul sleeps, it’s an empty promise

If the is NO Heaven, it’s an empty promise

If Christ is not who He claimed to be, it’s an empty promise

2 Corinthians 12:4    Paul’s experience

Revelation 2:7   Future promise

(where else in the tree of Life?  Genesis 2:9,3:22-24)

A CITY                  (Greek POLIS)  a town with walls

Hebrews 11:8-10

    2 Peter 3:10-13

    Revelation 21:18


OURANOS                   –         Sky, Air

OURANOTHEN           –         From the Sky

EPOURANIOS              –         Above the Sky

MESOURANEMA        –         Mist of the Sky                             Philippians 2:10


SHAMEH       –  to be lofty

SHAMAYIN   –  Heaven

SHACHAQ     –  Cloud, Vapor, Heaven

GALGAL        –  A wheel, a whirlwind