Some WORLD and BIBLE Events             AD                                                                          5/1/07

DATE-AD                     EVENT


1           Saddles first used in Rome

4           Herod the Great dies

5           Paul born

6          Judea becomes a Roman providence

Jesus visits Temple as a boy      Image result for Jesus as a boy at temple

7          Zealots in Judea rebel against Rome

14       Tiberius succeeds Caesar Agustus as Roman Emperor

26       Pontius Pilate appointed governor

John the Baptist begins his ministry

27        Jesus begins his ministry

Image result for Jesus baptised

30       Jesus crucified; ascends into heaven; Pentecost, church begins

35       Saul’s conversion on Damascus road

40       Herod Agrippa appointed king of Judea

43       London England founded; first definite reference to Diamonds

46       Saul/Paul begins first missionary journey

50       Romans begin using soap

54      Claudius poisoned by order of his wife; Nero becomes emperor

57       Paul writes letter to Romans; Paul imprisoned in Caesarea

59       Paul’s voyage to Rome

60       Paul writes ‘prison letters’

62       Paul released from prison

64       Fire burns much of Rome; Nero blames Christians for setting it

66       Painting on canvas

67        Paul martyred

68        Romans destroy Jewish religious commune of the Essene sect. Before Essenes were

captured they hid their library of Bible manuscripts in a cave  in Qumram by the dead sea

(to be  discovered in 1948)

70       Romans destroy Jerusalem

73       960 Jews commit mass suicide at Masada while under Roman attach

74       China open silk trade with the west

75        Rome begins construction of famous coliseum

79       Vesuvius in Italy erupts killing 30,000  people and burying cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum

95      Apostle John writes Revelation

Image result for John writes revelation

*Dates are best extimates