David & Goliath 2

God has called us to stand ….    Read the story found in 1 Samuel 17.

Who was David (Vs 12-15)
Youngest Son of Jesse, with 8 older brothers. (16:1-13 was called by God to be next King).
Three oldest brothers off to Battle with King Saul, David was in the field tending sheep.

What was David doing on the battle field?  (He’s just a young teen)

V-17 his father sent him to deliver corn and bread to his brothers.  (a care package)

V-18 David was to take some cheese to the captains and inquire of his brothers.

V-19 father instructs David where the battle is being fought (gives directions)

V-20 David obeys and arrives at start of daily battle. He joins in as a cheer leader.

V-22 David sees brothers and runs to greet them.

V-23 as he greets them…..   HERE COMES GOLIATH!
For the 40th time (morning and evening) the Philistine Champion makes his challenge (remember Goliath,  9’9”  over 300 LBS).    All covered with armor!  He was the Philistine army tank and the Israelites didn’t have a bazooka to knock him out.

V-24 All the Israelites stand in fear (trembling)

V-26 David questions their actions

V-27 All around him they give their excuses “boy, you just don’t understand…a guy could get hurt out there”

Israel was afraid…WHY?   They were in Apostasy…They had not been seeking God…They had turned their backs on God.      SIN!   And SIN separates us from God.

But David stands for God
God delights in those who believe Him.
God delivers those who trust in Him.

But watch out, the devil will try to stop you; he’ll work in the most unlikely places, even through your family.  Here’s David, standing for God, defying the enemy of God and what do his brothers say?

V-28 What are you doing here? What about the  sheep?

v-29 David’s reply, wait a minute, I was sent here to see how you are doing, to bring goodies, to report back to father how you are fairing.

BUT that big clown out there has NO RIGHT to blaspheme God.

v-30 Each one David speaks to gives him the same answer.

David took a stand for GOD. He didn’t know where it would lead him. He didn’t know before the day was out he’d be in mortal combat with the Giant. BUT HE TRUSTED GOD TO TAKE CARE OF HIM.

Have you taken a stand for God? Are you trusting Him to take care of you?