There was a man, who because of a famine in the land, had to leave his family and go to a far off country. There he found work, but he was sad and lonely.  For even though he loved and served the Lord, those with whom he worked were seekers of pleasure and not seekers of God. Party CartoonAt first they were friendly and invited the man to join with them in their gaiety but as he refused, for it would dishonor the Lord, the invitations came less and less.

One day he discovered a group of people who loved and served the same Lord he did.  His heart was filled with gladness.  They joined together 3 times a week for fellowship and worship of the Lord.  As he attended these meetings, the hand of fellowship was offered, he was made to feel welcome, his soul was refreshed, but sadness and loneliness soon vexed his soul again. Because for as friendly as the group were at each meeting, the friendliness stopped there.

pictureThe man was never invited to partake of fellowship after the meetings. So as long as the man stayed in the far off country, he was sad and lonely.