Great White Throne (final judgement)

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Great White Throne and Final Clean up 3/11/02

Picture of Throne Judgement

New Heaven and New Earth—————————————-Rev 20:11

Key Events:

Satan loosed                     20:7

Final War        (bigger than Armageddon)                 20:8

End of the Devil                                                                   20:10

2nd Resurrection and Final Judgement                    20:11

The Books            (Psalms 149)                                         20:17

Drawing of Book     Book of Life           3:5

Book of Works   20:12

Lamb’s Book      21:27



Death and Hell to Lake of Fire                                         20:14

New Heaven                                                                            21:1

New Earth                                                                                21:1

New Jerusalem                                                                     21:2

The Bride, Lamb’s Wife                                                      21:9


And time shall be no more ……………….

Rev 20:12 … and the books were opened; and another book was opened

Exodus                  32:32-33               thy book

Psalms                   69:28                     book of the living

Daniel                    12:1                        the book

Malachi                 3:16                       book of remembrance

Philippians            4:3                         book of life

Revelation            3:5                         book of life
.                               13:8                        book of life of the Lamb
.                               17:8                        book of life
.                               20:15                     book of life
.                               21:27                     lamb’s book of life

God’s Word is very serious                Revelation 22:18-19

Matt 12:36           Rom 14:12           2 Cor 5:10             Phil 2:10

Poster of White Throne Judgement

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