Once upon a time, long ago and far away, a fair maiden kissed a frog, and the frog turned into a prince. We all know that’s a fairy tale don’t we? But, have you heard this one?

Millions of years ago there was a frog. That frog, when given enough time, turned into a prince all by himself. Even though we know that it’s a fairy tale, they are still treating it as a fact in the science textbooks.

If a frog turns into a prince rapidly, that’s a fairly tale. But if the frog turns into a prince slowly, that’s science. It still sound like a fairy tale to me.

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Even if the earth were billions of years old (and it’s not), it wouldn’t help. According to the Second Law of thermodynamics:  “Everything tends toward disorder.” Thing don’t get better left on their own, they get worse.

Just because the majority of scientists still sincerely hold to their beliefs in evolution, doesn’t make it a fact. It was men of science that drained  blood out of George Washington three times trying to cure his illness. He didn’t make it. The medical field thought that was a cure back then. George Washington’s doctors were sincere, they were intelligent, and they were highly trained and motivated, but what they believed was wrong.

Scientists used to believe that the earth was flat, but that didn’t flatten it out. They  used to believe big objects fell faster than small objects, but they were wrong.    Fossil bones and rock layers  do not talk or have dates stamped on them. Radiometric dating is used to determine their ages. But, lava rock formed in 1801 in Hawaii was determined by radiometric dating to be 3.5 billions years old. Many more such examples could be given to show how unreliable this form of dating method is.

Scientists who believe in evolution do so by choice, and not because it is supported by the facts. In fact, just the opposite is true. Evolution is a belief system about origins, and is not, and should not be considered science. The evolutionists say, “In the beginning dirt.”  But the Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”


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Do you believe this?  Go Kiss a Frog!