FACTS about Fossils

I.  FACT:  Fossil Definition.

“A fossil is the remains of a plant or an animal that have been preserved, usually in rock”. “Fossils are formed in several different ways. Some have been petrified – that is, turned to stone. ..Some survive as molds or casts in stone. Some are just prints n stone.”      Fossils – Willowisp Press – 1977

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II. FACT:  What Formed the rock layers?

There are two choices:
A.   Evolutionists say the different rock layers each represent a different time span (or geologic age). These rock layers were deposited slowly form erosion and sedimentation over billions of years.
Evolutionists say the bottom layer represents the oldest age of earth’s history.  Each additional layer would be younger than the previous layer. The fossils found in each layer are the life forms that existed during that time period.
The name that the evolutionists have given to the arrangement of these rock layers is the Geologic Column.
B.   Creationists say the different rock layers are mostly sedimentary layers that were laid down by the great flood that is described in the Bible that took place about 4400 years ago. The different layers were formed as the different types of soil were deposited according to their density.
Creationists say the rock layer that the fossils are found in, in part, represents each life form’s ability to survive during the great flood. (Because of mobility, intelligence, flotation, etc.)

III. FACT: PROBLEMS with the Geologic Column.

There are many anomalies in the proposed Geologic Column, things that should not be found there if it were true.  If even one of these things were found, the honest scientist should be willing to admit that they made a mistake. Here are some examples:
A.    Reversed ages.
There are old formations resting o top of younger formations. In Glacier National Park there is a hugh block of PRE-CAMBRIAN limestone (over 100 miles long, over 30 miles wide, and 6 ft thick) that is supposed to be 1 billion years old according to evolution. This is sitting on top of a CRETACEOUS shale formation that is supposed to be 100 million years old according to evolution.
B.    Missing geologic ages.
In every column there are rock layers missing that are supposed to be there, representing many millions of years.
C.    Polystrate fossils.
Example: Trees upright through many rock layers that are supposed to total 100’s of millions of years, with no sign of decay in the trees.  Did this tree stand there for 100’s of millions of years while the rock layers were being formed around it, without growing old?
D.    Few unconformities in the rock layers.
Most of the rock layers are in straight lines parallel to each other. They would of necessity have to have been laid down at the same time. There also is no sign of erosion between layers.
E.    Evidence of humans in supposedly older rock layers.
.   a.  They have found human and dinosaur prints together in the same rock strata (supposedly 65 million years old or so).
.   b.  Fossilized trilobites, 230 million years old (according to evolution) in the fossilized footprints of man.
.   c.   Human artifacts: jewelry, pottery, tools, sandals, etc. in all the rock layers, including those that are supposed to be up to 600 million years old. (But evolution says humans have only been here about two million years)

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IV. FACT: Evidence of a World Wide Flood.

A.   Few unconformities in the rock layers.
B.   The rock layers are mostly water  laid sediment.
C.   Every mountain range contains marine fossils. The kind that would be found on the bottom of the ocean.
D.   Almost all ancient cultures had a flood tradition where the earth was destroyed and one family survived.
E.   Vast fossil graveyards all over the world.
F.   Mammoths fast-frozen in an upright position, with tropical vegetation undigested in their mouthy and stomach. (A sudden catastrophe caused this, not a gradual Ice Age.)
G.   The geological features of the earth can be interpreted as the results of the flood: (Grand Canyon, etc.)

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V. What about the age of the rock layers?
“It is obvious that radiometric techniques may not be the absolute dating methods that they are claimed to be.  Age estimates on a given geologic stratum by different radiometric methods are often quite different (sometimes by hundreds of millions of years).  There is no absolutely reliable long-term radiological ‘clock’.  The uncertainties inherent in radiometric dating are disturbing to geologists and evolutionists…”

William D. Stansfield, Ph.D. (animal breeding) (Instructor of Biology, California Polytechnic State University) in The Science of Evolution, Macmillan, New York, 1977, p. 84.

For example: radiometric dating was used on lava rock formed in Hawaii in 1801, (which was less than 200 years ago) and it tested out at 3.5 billion years old.  As far as the fossils themselves, fossilization has been observed in less than 100 years.

(Evolutionists use circular reasoning: they date the fossils by the rock layers, then  turn around and try to date the rock layers according to the index fossils that are found in them.)
(A good book on this subject is: “Evolution: the Challenge of the Fossil Record”, Dr. Duane T Gish, Ph.D. (Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley. Master Books.)

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