Evolution is true (factual), what about?

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I.  FACT:  The earth is slowing down.
The earth’s spin rate has been measured by atomic clocks for over 20 years.  The earth’s rotation has been slowing down at the rate of about one second every 10 months. The earth would  have been spinning so fast, that even 50 million years ago life would have been impossible. The winds would have been about 500 miles per hour about 1 million years ago.

II. FACT:  The earth’s magnetic field has been getting weaker.
Over the past 140 years, the measurement of the earth’s magnetic field has shown a rapid steady decline in it’s strength. Take that backwards in time, and it is believed that the heat produced by this would have melted the earth’s crust.

III. FACT: The earth is losing it’s moon.
The earth’s moon is slowly moving away.  Which means it used to be closer. The moon effects our tide. Twenty million years ago the moon would have been so close that everything would have drowned about twice a day.

IV. FACT: The earth’s oil pressure should be gone.
The Earth’s oil pressure is decreasing. That means that it used to be greater than today. The rock strata surrounding the oil deposits could not hold up under the increased pressure for more than 10 to 15,000 years. The oil pressure should have leaked off by now. Why is it still under pressure?

V. The earth’s sun is getting smaller.
The sun is shrinking at about the rate of 5 feet per hour. That means that it used to be bigger. How much bigger could it get before it affected life on earth?  About 20 to 30 million years ago it would have been touching the earth.  But there are two planets closer to the sun than we are (Mercury, 36 million miles; and Venus, 67.2 million miles and they are still here. 10 to 15 million years ago the sun should have been touching Mercury.

VI. FACT: Mississippi Delta should have filled the Gulf.
The mud that has been deposited into the Mississippi River Delta by erosion ;has been measured at approximately 30,000 years worth of accumulation (at the current rate). A great flood could probably account for about 80% of that.  (Millions and Millions of years would have filled the Gulf by now.)

VII. FACT: Niagara Falls is eroding.
The science textbooks say that is has been eroding for about 9,900 years. They can’t be positively sure why it didn’t start eroding before then. Maybe it was because of a great flood about 4400 years ago. About half of the erosion could be accounted for by that.

VII. FACT: The oldest tree dates to about 4300 years old.
A Bristlecone Pine in California is believed to be the world’s oldest tree. It has been dated at 4300 years old. Why isn’t there an older tree? Could it be because the Bible indicates that there was a great flood about 4400 years ago?

IX. FACT: The Great Barrier Reef.
A 20 year study on the growth of the coral reef off the coast of Australia shows it to be about 4200 years old. Why did this just start growing about 4200 years ago?  Maybe it was because there was a great flood about 4400 years ago.

X. FACT: The Oceans are getting saltier.
Salt is being deposited into the oceans. They should be much saltier by now if the earth is as old as the evolutionists say it is. Where is all the salt?

XI. FACT: Stalactite Formations.
Evolutionists said that stalactite formations were formed at the rate of about 1 inch per 1,000 years. It turns out that they actually from at about the rate of 1 inch per year instead. For example: there are 50 inch stalactite formations under the Lincoln Memorial.  He certainly didn’t die 50,000 years ago.

XII. FACT: The Earth Should be Over populated.
You can take a growth rate far below the current average, so as to allow for wars and famines and things, and still account for every person in the world today in less then 4,000 years. If the earth is so old, what happened to all the people? Maybe most of them were killed off in a flood about 4400 years ago.

XIII. FACT: The amount of dust on the Moon.
Some scientists said that dust was accumulating on the moon at about the rate of 1 inch every 10,000 years. But, the amount that they found was only about 6 to 7,000 years worth of accumulation. What happened to all the dust if the moon is billions of years old?

XIV.  FACT: The amount Helium in the Atmosphere.
At the current rate helium is being formed in our atmosphere, the total amount that has been measured could be accounted for in less than 10,000 years.

XV.  FACT: The existence of short-term Comets.
Short-term comets are supposed to burn up from orbiting around the sun in about 10,000 years. But, although there is no evidence that any are being formed anywhere today, they are still around and going strong. Why are they still there?

Evolutionists have tried to give explanations for where they may have come from and how they might be forming, but there is no evidence that any of this is actually happening. This just shows how determined they are to cling to evolutionary timespans.

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There are many more ways of measuring the age of the earth that say that it could not possibly be billions or  even millions of years old, but could be as young as the Bible says. If there really isn’t enough time for evolution to occur, then that means that the only alternative is special creation. Just like the Bible said.

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The Bible also indicates that about 4400 years ago God sent a great flood as a judgment against mankind’s rebellion against it’s Creator. Many people perished because they weren’t prepared. The Bible says there is another judgment still in the furrier. Will you be prepared? The Bible says you can be. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13)

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