Two Basic WORLD-views:

.                                                                                       CREATION

Creation                                          Flood                                                                              Today

|_____________________| _________________________________|______

6000 years ago                          4000 years ago

.                                                                                      EVOLUTION

Big Bang               Earth forms          Life appears                            Man Evolves      Today


600                                                                         2

Billions and billions of years ago

……………………..Chart not to scale

What is the Creation/Evolution Debate all About?

Time is Crucial to Evolution. Creationists believe with GOD all things are possible. Evolution is interpreted in light of the Geologic Column. It becomes like the Bible to Evolution.

THE GEOLOGIC COLUMN* Each rock layer represents a different geologic age. Everything is interpreted in light of the Geologic Column. It becomes like the Bible to Evolution.


Millions of

Years ago             Period                                      Life Forms

2                               Quaternary                           Humans

70                            Tertiary                                  Mammals

135                          Cretaceous                            Dinosaurs dying out

180                          Jurassic                                  1st mammals and birds

225                          Triassic                                  Reptiles – dinosaurs

275                          Permian                                 Reptiles plentiful

345                          Carboniferous                     1st reptiles – amphibians

405                         Devonian                               1st amphibians – trees

435                         Silurian                                   1st land plants – scorpions

480                         Ordovician                            1st fish

600                         Cambrian                               Invertebrates

.                                 Pre-Cambrian                       Simple life forms

*Who designed this chart?   Who made it official?   When did it first come into being?

(1)           Adam or Ape?

Was your great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandpa a Tasier monkey?

(2)           Mixing Truth with Error.

Example:   Evolution & Textbooks – Adolf Hitler said, “If you tell a lie long enough, and long enough, and often enough, the people will believe it.”

“Billions of years ago …” (Fact or Faith)?

(3)           What is TRUE SCIENCE?

Science can be observed, tested, and reproduced in the laboratory, or else it is not true science.

“The basic steps in the scientific method are:

1. Stating or defining the problem.

2. Gathering information on the problem.

3. Forming a hypothesis (or trial answer).

4. Performing experiments to test the hypothesis.

5. Recording and analyzing data.

6. Stating a conclusion.

7. Repeating the work.”

(The Nature of Science – Prentice Hall – 1993)

SCIENCE can be observed, tested, and reproduced in the laboratory, or else it is not true science.

(4)           Define the problem.

How old is earth?

(5)           Gather the information.

Data: Maximum Age

1.            Planets cooling                     Should be cold

2.            Moon leaving                       30 million years (?)

3.            Stalactite formations          1 inch per year

4.            Salt in Ocean                        62 million years

5.            Ocean sediments                 14 million years

6.            Sun shrinking                          7 million years

7.            Helium in atmosphere          2 million years

8.            Mississippi river deposits        30,000 years

9.            Earth slowing                        (under) 30,000 years

10.          Magnetic field                      (under) 10,000 years

11.          Oil pressure                           (under) 10,000 years

12.          Saturn’s rings                        (under) 10,000 years

13.          Short-period comets            (under) 10,000 years

14.          Niagara  Falls eroding             9,900 years

15.          Longevity chart                       6,000 years

16.          Moon Dust                                6,000 years

17.          Oldest tree                                 4,300 years

18.          Coral reef                                  4,200 years

19.          Population chart                      4,000 years

(6)           Forming A Hypothesis.

What kind of hypothesis would one from the information?  Here’s where the problem is, Evolution is not formed on the information. All the data is interpreted in the light of the    assumption that the geologic column is true.

(7)           Testing the Hypothesis

“IT started with a BIG BANG!

1.             The First Law of Thermodynamics.

(Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed.) None taking place anywhere in the universe today. Where did it come from?

Evolution says: “MAYBE it created itself.”   Then at some point in time you have to start with nothing. Can nothing create something?

Hebrews 4:3 – God’s works were finished on day six.

2.             The Second Law of Thermodynamics. (Everything tends toward disorder.) Evolution proposes upward trend.  Basic trend in nature is downward. Psalms 102:25-27   Sign of the curse.

3.             Problems with the “Big Bang”:

a.             Where did all the matter and energy come from?

b.             Explosions cause chaos, not order.

c.             The galaxies are not arranged hap-hazardly.

d.             The stars and planets would keep going, not stop and start orbiting a fixed point.

e.             Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. Anything that flies off  from something spinning fast, will be spinning in the same direction as the original object. Example: kids on a merry-go-round.

(8)           Don’t All Scientists Believe in Evolution?

NO!   10,000 professional scientists in the USA believe in Biblical Creation. In a 1993 Gallup poll, only 11% of the United States population believed in atheistic evolution. Why do they control what goes into the textbooks?

“No matter how reasonable the hypothesis seems, it cannot be accepted  until supported by a large number of testing. The research worker must be open-minded enough to change or drop a hypothesis if the evidence does not support it.”                     (Modern Biology – Otto, Towle, and Bradley – 1981)

Why is the idea of an old earth so intensely protected by the evolutionists?

(9)           There Are Only Two Options:

1.             Somebody made the world

2.             The world made itself

If there wasn’t enough time for the world to make itself, then that only leaves one option, somebody made it.   The Bible says that somebody is the Lord Jesus Christ.

(10)         Have We Been Brainwashed?

If we see something mixed in with something else long enough, after awhile we begin to think it belongs there.

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