WINE! Did Jesus Drink?’       John 2:1-11

Following was gleaned from: “FALSTAFF’S COMPLETE BEER BOOK”,
“WINE, An introduction to Americans”, ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, and

Most important, THE HOLY BIBLE, The Word of God.

Note: The first four books all refereed to drink and
present alcohol and drinking in a ‘glorious and fun’ way.

The Holy Bible is not so generous.

This message will mainly address the topic of Wine, in particular,
Did Jesus drink Wine?
Many who drink today defend their drinking by saying Jesus drank!

This message will NOT be addressing the following:
a.  Statistics of work, money time and lives wasted because of drinking.
b.  The destroyed homes, defiled innocence, misery and poverty brought about by those under the influence of too much drink.
c.  Also will not go into detail about the –
—-youth who shot his father after drinking 17-20 beers
—-father who knifed his wife and 3 year old son after a week of drinking
—-drunken husband who doused his sleeping wife with a beer glass full of gasoline and then lit her on fire
—-5 month old child who died of neglect and exposure and laid dead in his own crib for 5 days while his drunken parents argued who should call the doctor
—-all night teen drinking party that ended in a deadly game of Russian roulette
—-drunken father who killed his 3 week old baby with a red hot poker, by inserting it in all the natural body openings
—-or any of the other hundreds of gory stories that appear in our daily newspapers every year because of drinking
d.  NOR will it review any of the senseless deaths that occur on the highways (daily) because of the “I can drive better when I’m drunk” attitude.
..            NO, what this will attempt to do is dispel (usually by Christians) the justification of drinking, BECAUSE Jesus drank wine.
The two Bible passages commonly used by Christians to defend drinking are found in Matt 11:19 and John 2:1-11.

Matt 11:19       The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners.

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Keep these two texts in mind.
Just what does the Bible mean when it uses the word Wine?
There are 3 basic types of (alcoholic) drink: Beer, Whiskey and Wine.
Beer and Whiskey are not found in the Bible. Does the word wine mean to include these? Just what does the Bible mean when it speaks of Wine?
SOME FACTS … PLEASE.  All three, Beer, Whiskey and Wine have histories of antiquity. (That means nobody really knows when then they began).
WINE is first mentioned in Genesis when Noah over indulged and got drunk.
BEER and WHISKEY can be dated back to Egypt, the days of the Pharaohs.

All three of them were around in basic form when the Bible was being written and most defiantly when it was translated into English.

BEER – ALE (similar but some differences) not named in the Bible.
The word BEER came from Latin: bibere, which means to drink
Beer is made from malts and cereals. During the brewing process, the liquid is drained off for drinking. This liquid is high in food content, bitter to the taste and very low in alcohol content. During the 14th Century HOPS was introduced, which increased the alcohol content and the forerunner of today refined beer alcoholic drink began. THUS beer is not condemned by the Bible because it was non alcoholic or did not exist in Bible times.

WHISKEY (Spirits) is not named in the Bible.
Note: For ease of purpose, whiskey is used to mean all distilled liquor.
Whiskey is simply made by taking beer (before hops is added) or wine and distilling it. (Distillation is boiling the liquid, catching the steam and converting it back into liquid).
The word whiskey is an Irish word that came into existence (was coined) in the 14th century.  THUS: Whiskey is not condemned by the Bible because the word did not exist in Bible times.

But the Bible does mention STRONG DRINK and does condemn drinking of it.

Leviticus 10:9,    Numbers 6:3,    Deuteronomy 29:6,    Judges 13:4,7,14,    Isaiah 5:11,22,28:7

Hebrew word is SHE-KAK and implies an intoxicant, intensely alcoholic.
Compare Luke 1:15 (Greek SIK-ER-A) intensely fermented liquor

Note: If the KJV Bible were translated today, Whiskey could replace STRONG DRINK

WINE (the last of the 3 words): The Holy Bible has lots to say about the subject of wine. The above quoted scripture condemned drinking of it, but just what is WINE when refereed to in Scripture?
Wine is the juice of fruits, mostly grape and comes in four classifications:
1.     Still or Natural wine is juice which fermented naturally
2.     Sparkling (Champagne, Burgundy) processed through a double fermentation
Sparkling Wine was developed in the 17th century.
3.    Fortified (Sherry, Port) during fermentation, additional alcohol is added
Fortified Wine was developed in the 1750’s.
4.    Aromatized (Vermouth) fortified & sparkling with a scent added for smell
Aromatized Wine came along after the above.

The KING JAMES VERSION of the Holy Scripture was published in 1611 AD when the only wine available was the Natural or Still Wine.

Christian Friend if you are drinking Sparkling, Fortified, or Aromatized Wine, you are not drinking wine from the Bible, you are drinking BOOZE.

Now, before you go looking for a bottle of natural or still wine, let’s define what these terms meant at the time Jesus walked on earth.

Wine is a living thing, in a constant state of change. It has life. It is born grows old and dies. What does this mean?
Fruit, usually grape, is gathered and put into a squeezing devise. As the fruit is squeezed or crushed, the juice is caught in a vat. This juice is now drinkable, fit for human consumption Depending. when the fruit was harvested, fermentation could have already started. The birth of wine.

FERMENTATION is a process of chemical change by which a molecule of sugar is split into 2 molecules of ethel alcohol and 2 molecules of carbon dioxide gas. The gas escapes and the alcohol remains.

Grape juice will ferment quite naturally left all by itself. Three things must be present for grapes to ferment and become alcohol: Juice, Saccharromyces, and Oxygen (air). The juice comes from the fruit. The saccharromyces form on the outside of the skin ad the fruit ripens. The wine the Bible speaks of is very easy to make. REMEMBER, Wine is a living thing. It is born, grows to maturity, and dies. How long is lives in unpredictable and depends on the ripeness of the fruit at squeezing time at sugar content.

Until the wooden barrel was developed (cooperage) in the last days of the Roman Empire, (about 300 AD) Wine was placed in stone or skin containers and had to be drunk soon after squeezed or it would die (become vinegar). The wooden barrel prolonged the life of wine to a little over 3 years by keeping it out of the air, which causes aging. Full maturing of wine was impossible until the 17th century when the (cork and) bottle was developed.

It wasn’t until 1860 when Louis Pasteur discovered the hows and whys of fermentation did the wine industry enter into a new era.

Well, I drink for refreshment …… try water, milk, juice, soda
Well, I drink for my health …….  yeah but don’t use the Bible as an excuse
Don’t say you drink Beer because Jesus did …… He didn’t.
Don’t say you drink Whiskey because Jesus did …… He didn’t.
Don’t say you drink Wine because Jesus did …… He didn’t.

WHAT DID JESUS DRINK?  Glad you asked.

Matt 26:29      He drank fruit of the vine, He drank grape juice.

What did Jesus Create in John 2?           Grape Juice.

He refused to drink wine as He hung on the cross … John 19:29.

What does the Bible really say about Wine?

Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging; whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

Proverbs 23:31 Look not thou upon the Wine when it is red, when it giveth its color in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.

Every reference in the Holy Bible to someone drinking, beginning with Noah, lead to no good, to ruin, to sin.

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