BC BIBLE Events Dated

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BC  BIBLE Events Dated                                                                                 5/1/07


…                               CREATION

…                               Adam expelled from Garden of Eden

2670                       Noah builds the ark

2550       ???          World Wide Flood

2391       ???          TOWER of BABLE

2166                       Abram born

2091                       Abram 75, Called by God

2080                       Abram 86,  1st son, Ishmael born to Hagar

2067                       Abram 99, Named Abraham by God

2066                        Promised son, Isaac born to Sarah 90 and Abraham 100

2006                       Esau & Jacob born to Rebecca and Isaac 60, Abraham is 160 years old

2029                        Sarah dies at 127 years old

2000???                 Job lived

1991                        Abraham dies at 175

1929                        Jacob flees to Haran (his mother’s brother)

1915                        Joseph born to Rachel and Jacob   (see Life & Times of)

1898                        Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers

1885                        Joseph rules Egypt

1859                        Jacob/Israel dies at 147 years old

1805                        Joseph dies at 110 years old

1526                        Moses is born

1483                        Joshua is born

1446                        Moses leads children of Israel exodus from Egypt

1445                         Ten Commandments given to Moses by God

1444                         Israel camps at Mt Sinai; First Census taken

1443                        First spy mission  (12 sent into promise land)

1407                       Second census taken

1406                        Moses dies; Hebrews enter Canaan

1373                       Joshua dies at 110 years old

1375                       Judges begin to rule Israel

1209                       Deborah becomes Israel’s Judge

1105                        Samuel born

1080                       Saul born

1075                       Samuel becomes Israel’s Judge

1050                       Saul becomes Israel’s first king

1040                       David born

1010                        David becomes Israel’s king

1003                        David king of ALL Israel

980                          David takes census, against God’s will

970                          David dies; Solomon becomes Israel’s king

966-                         Temple Started

959                           Temple in Jerusalem completed

935???                     Solomon writes Song of Solomon, ECCLESIASTES

930                            Kingdom of Israel divides into two (Northern/Southern)

925                             Shishak invades Jersualem

910                            Asa becomes king of Judah

875                            Elijah begins ministry and prophesies in Israel

874                           Ahab becomes Israel’s king

872                            Jehoshaphat becomes king of Judah

857                            Ben-hadad attacks Samaria

853                           Ahab dies in Battle

848                             Elijah prophesies in Israel and ministry is transferred to Elisha

841                             Jehu becomes king of Israel; Athaliah seizes Judah’s throne

835                             Joel becomes a prophet; Joash becomes Israel’s king

814                             Jeohahaz becomes king of Israel

798                            Jehoash becomes king of Israel

797                            Elisha’s ministry ends

796                            Joel’s ministry ends

793                            Jeroboam II becomes king of Israel; Jonah becomes a prophet

792                            Uzziah becomes king of Judah

783                            Shalmaneser IV becomes king of Assyria

772                            Ashur-dan III becomes king of Assyria

760                           Amos’ ministry begins as a prophet to Israel

759                           Jonah preaches to Nineveh

754                           Ashur-nirari V becomes king of Assyria

753                          Jonah’s ministry ends; Hosea becomes a prophet

752                          King Shallum of Israel is killed (assassinated)

750                          Jotham becomes king of Judah; Amos’s ministry ends

743                          OBADIAH Prophecies; Israel invaded by Tiglath-pileser III of Assyria

742                           Micah’s ministry begins as a prophet; Pekahiah becomes king

740                          Isaiah begins ministry as a prophet to Judah

735                         Ahaz becomes king of Judah

722                          Israel (northern kingdom) falls to the Assyrians

715                          Hezekiah becomes Judah’s king; Hosea’s ministry ends

701                         Jerusalem besieged by Sennacherib of Assyria

697                         Manasseh becomes king of Judah

687                         Micah’s ministry ends

681                          Isaiah’s ministry ends

669                         Ashurbanipal becomes king of Assyria

663                         Fall of Thebes; Nahum begins ministry as a prophet

640                        Zephaniah begins ministry as a prophet

,,,                            Josiah becomes king of Judah

627                        Jeremiah begins ministry as a prophet

622                        Book of the Law (of Moses) found in the Temple

621                         Zephaniah’s ministry ends

612                        Assyrian capital of Nineveh destroyed

609                        King Josiah killed in Battle; Assyria completely conquerored

605                        Daniel/Ezekiel taken captive; Babylon wins battle of Carchemish

597                        Second captivity of Judah by Babylon, Daniel/Ezekiel taken to Babylon

593                        Ezekiel begins to prophesy in Babylon

586                        Judah (southern kingdom) falls to Babylon; exiles to Babylon

…                            Jerusalem destroyed;  Jeremiah writes LAMENTATIONS;
…                            Jeremiah’s ministry ends

571                        Ezekiel’s ministry ends

562                        King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon dies

553                        Daniel’s first vision

550                      King Cyrus the Great conquers the Medes and founds the Persian Empire;

539                      Daniel thrown into Lions Den; Babylon overthrown by Cyrus of Persia

538                      Cyrus’s decree allowing Jews to return to Jerusalem

537                      First Jewish exiles return from Babylon to Jerusalem

536                       Daniel’s ministry ends; Temple (re)construction begins

530                       Temple work halted; Haggai, Zechariah become prophets

522                       Darius I becomes king of Persia

520                       Temple work resumed; messages of Haggai, Zechariah (OT books)

516                        New Temple completed in Jerusalem

486                        Xerxes becomes king of Persia

483                        Queen Vashti is deposed

479                        Esther becomes Queen of Persia

475                        Haman becomes prime minister

474                        Decrees all Jews to be destroyed

473                        First feast of Purim

471                         Book of ESTHER

465                        Artaxeres I becomes king of Persia

458                        Ezra returns to Jerusalem

445                        Nehemiah comes to Jerusalem to build wall

433                        Nehemiah returns to Babylon

432                        Nehemiah goes back to Jerusalem

430                       Malachi begins his ministry as a prophet

390                      Aramaic begins to replace Hebrew as Jewish language

331                      Alexander the Great defeats the Persian Empire

255                      Hebrew Old Testament translated into Greek and called the “Septuagint”

169                      Temple of Jerusalem plundered by Antiochus IV

165                       Judas Maccabaeus begins a revolt against Antiochus IV

139                      Jews and Astrologers banished from Rome

100                      Julius Caesar, first emperor of Rome, born

37                         Herod the Great made king of Judea by the Romans

25                         Mary mother of Jesus born (?)

20                        Herod the Great begins remodeling the Temple in Jerusalem

…                         CHRIST IS BORN IN BETHELEM

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