DATE              EVENT

Undated          God Created the Earth

Undated          Adam & Eve sin

Undated          God sends the flood

Undated          Job suffers

2160 bc           Birth of Abraham

2090 bc           Abraham enters Canaan

2060 bc           Birth of Isaac

1898 bc           Joseph sold into Slavery

1446 bc           Exodus from Egypt

1445 bc           Ten Commandments given to Moses

1400 bc           Israelites enter Canaan

1367 bc           Othniel becomes Israel’s first judge

1105 bc           Samuel’s birth

1075 bc           Samson becomes judge of Israel

1050 bc           Saul becomes Israel’s first King

1010 bc           David becomes King

971 bc               Solomon becomes King

959 bc             First Temple Completed

930 bc             Rehoboam becomes King

930 bc            Kingdom splits

740 bc             Isaiah’s ministry begins

722 bc             Fall of Israel

627 bc             Jeremiah’s Ministry Begins

605 bc            Daniel exiled to Babylon

586 bc             Fall of Judah

538 bc            First exiles return to Jerusalem

536 bc            Rebuilding of Temple begins

516 bc             Second Temple is completed

479 bc            Esther becomes Queen of Persia

458 bc            Ezra returns from exile to Jerusalem

445 bc            Nehemiah returns from exile to Jerusalem

433 bc            Malachi begins ministry

…                      John the Baptist birth

…                      Jesus’ Birth

2 ad              Magi visit Jesus

12 ad             Jesus (the boy) visits the Temple

30 ad             Jesus Baptized

33 ad             Jesus Death

34 ad             Saul’s (Paul) conversion

46 ad             Paul’s first missionary journey

49 ad             Jerusalem Council

50 ad             Paul’s Second missionary journey

53 ad             Paul’s thrid missionary journey

59 ad             Paul’s journey to Rome