Chronology of World and Bible Events

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….             Creation

…              Adam expelled from Garden of Eden

…               Noah builds the ark

2500        Egyptians discover papyrus and ink for writing and built first llibraries

…               Iron objects manufactured in the ancient Near East

2400       Egyptians import gold from Africa

2331        Semitic chieftain, Sargon conquers Sumer to become first  “World Conqueror”

2300       Horses domesticated in Egypt: Chickens domesticated in Babylon:

…               Bows and arrows used in warfare

2166         Abram born

2100        Glass made by the Mesopotamians; Ziggurats build in Mesopotamia;

…               Earliest discovered drug; Ethyl alcohol, used to alleviate pain

2091         Abram 75, Called by God

2080        Abram 86,  1st son, Ishmael born to Hagar

2067         Abram 99, Named Abraham by God

2066         Promised son, Isaac born to Sarah 90 and Abraham 100

2006         Esau & Jacob born to Rebecca and Isaac 60, Abraham is 160 years old

2000        Immigration of northern Asians to North America; stockbreeding and irrigation used in China;

…                Stonehenge, England, a center for religious worship; bellows used in India allowing for hotter furnace temperature

1929         Jacob flees to Haran (his mother’s brother)

1915         Joseph born to Rachel and Jacob

1900        Egyptians use irrigation systems to control Nile flooding; Spoked Wheel invented in the ancient Near East; Horses used to pull vehicles

1898         Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers

1885         Joseph rules Egypt

1805         Joseph dies

1750          Babylonian mathemations already understand cube and square root; Hammurbi of Babylon provides first of all legal codes

1700          Egyptian papyrus document describes medical and surgical procedures

1526           Moses is born

1500          Sundial used in Egypt; Mexican sun-pyramid built

1446           Moses leads children of Israel exodus from Egypt

1445           Ten Commandments given to Moses by God

1444           Israel camps at Mt Sinai

1406          Moses dies; Hebrews enter Canaan

1400          First period of Chinese literature, intricate clock used in China

1380          Palace of Krossus on Isle of Crete destroyed by earthquake

1375          Judges begin to rule Israel

1358          Egyptian King Tutankhamen dies and is buried inside an immense treasure-laden tomb

1250          Silk fabrics manufactured in China

1209          Deborah                becomes Israel’s Judge

1200          Labor strike in Thebes; first Chinese dictionary

1162           Destruction of Troy during Trojan

1105           Samuel born

1075           Samuel becomes Israel’s Judge

1050           Saul becomes Israel’s first king

1010            David becomes Israel’s king

1000          City or Peking built; Greek theology fully developed; California Indians build wood-reed houses; Chinese Mathematics utilizes root multiplication, geometry, proportions, and theory of motion; Glazing of bricks and tiles begins in Near East

970              Solomon becomes Israel’s king

959               Temple in Jerusalem completed

950              Gold vessels and jewelry popular in Northern Europe

930              Kingdom of Israel divides

900             Celts invade Britain; Assyrians invent inflatable skins for soldiers to cross-rivers

875              Elijah prophesies in Israel

874              Ahab becomes Israel’s king

850              Evidence of highly developed metal and stone sculptures       in Africa

848              Elijah prophesies in Israel

835              Joash becomes Israel’s king

814              Founding of Cartage, a Phoenician trading post

800             Development of caste system in India; Babyloian and Chinese astronomers understand planetary movements; spoked wheels used in Europe; Homer writes Iliad and Odyssey; Ice skating a popular sport in northern Europe

793            Jonah becomes a prophet

776            First known date of Olympic games

753            Traditional date for founding of the city of Rome

…                Hosea becomes a prophet

750           Earliest music notation written in ancient Greece; Celts introduce plow to Britain

…                Israel invaded by Tiglath-pileser III of Assyria

740           Isaiah becomes a prophet

722            Israel (northern kingdom) falls

715             Hezekiah becomes Judah’s king

701            Jerusalem besieged by Sennacherib of Assyria

700           False teeth invented in Italy

660            Japan established as a nation

650            Soldering of iron invented

648             Horse racing first held at 33rd Olympic Games

640            Josiah becomes Judah’s king

627            Jeremiah becomes a prophet

612            Assyrian capital of Nineveh destroyed

605            Daniel taken captive to Babylon

600           Temple of Diana built in Ephesus – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world

586           Judah (southern kingdom) falls to Babylon

563          Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism, born in Nepal

562           King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon dies

560          Aesop writes his fables

551           Confucius, famous Chinese scholar, born

550          King Cyrus the Great conquers the Medes and founds the Persian Empire;

…              Lock and key, water level, and carpenter’s square invented

540          Horseback postal service in Persian Empire

539          Babylon overthrown by Cyrus of Persia

537          First Jewish exiles return to Jerusalem

534          Tragedy emerges as a form of Greek drama

525          Polo a sport among Persians

520          Public libraries open in Athens, Greece

516            New Temple completed in Jerusalem

509          Rome becomes a Republic

500          Glass first imported into China from Near East; Indian surgeon, Susrata, performs  cataract operation; origin of Halloween, a Celtic festival

490          First time Greek men choose short haircuts

479          Esther becomes Queen of Persia

469          Socrates, philosopher of the ancient world is born

460          Birth of Democritus, who introduced an atomic theory by arguing that all bodies are made of invisible and unchangeable atoms

458          Ezra returns to Jerusalem

457          Golden age of Athens, Greece, begins

448          The Parthenon built on top of Athens Acropolis

445          Nehemiah builds Jerusalem wall

438          Greek sculptor Pheidias makes a 60 foot high statue of Zeus – one of the seven wonders  of the ancient world

430          Romans agree to concept of a dictator in times of military emergency

…             Malachi becomes a prophet

399         Socrates condemned to death by Athens jury

390         Aramaic begins to replace Hebrew as Jewish language

384         Aristotle born

370        Plato writes his most famous book “The Republic”

331         Alexander the Great defeats the Persian Empire

312          Rome builds first paved road, the “Appian Way” from Rome to Capua

255          Hebrew Old Testament translated into Greek and called the “Septuagint”

241          Romans conquer Sicily and add their first non-Italian territory to the Roman Empire

215          Great wall of China built

169          Temple of Jerusalem plundered by Antiochus IV

165         Judas Maccabaeus begins a revolt against Antiochus IV

139         Jews and Astrologers banished from Rome

102         First Chinese ships reach east coast of India; Ball bearings used in Danish cart wheels

100        Julius Caesar, first emperor of Rome, born

55           Romans conquer England and make it part of Roman Empire until 442 AD

51           Cleopatra becomes last independent Egyptian ruler of the ancient world

44           Julius Caesar elected dictator for life, then assinated that same year

39           Cleopatra and her lover, Mark Antony both die by suicide

37           Herod the Great made king of Judea by the Romans

25           Mary mother of Jesus born (?)

23           Sumo wrestling in Japan

20          Herod the Great begins remodeling the Temple in Jerusalem

…                    CHRIST IS BORN IN BETHELEM

1             Saddles first used in Rome

4            Herod the Great dies

5             Paul born

6             Judea becomes a Roman providence

…           Jesus visits Temple as a boy

7            Zealots in Judea rebel against Rome

14          Tiberius succeeds Caesar Agustus as Roman Emperor

26         Pontius Pilate appointed governor

…          John the Baptist begins his ministry

27        Jesus begins his ministry

30        Jesus crucified; ascends into heaven; Pentecost, church begins

35         Saul’s conversion on Damascus road

40         Herod Agrippa appointed king of Judea

43         London England founded; first definite reference to Diamonds

46         Saul/Paul begins first missionary journey

50        Romans begin using soap

54        Claudius poisoned by order of his wife; Nero becomes emperor

57        Paul writes letter to Romans; Paul imprisoned in Caesarea

59        Paul’s voyage to Rome

60        Paul writes ‘prison letters’

62        Paul released from prison

64        Fire burns much of Rome; Nero blames Christians for setting it

66         Painting on canvas

67         Paul martyred

68         Romans destroy Jewish religious commune of the Essene sect. Before Essenes were   captured they hid their library of Bible manuscripts in a cave  in Qumram by the dead sea (to be discovered in 1948)

70         Romans destroy Jerusalem

73          960 Jews commit mass suicide at Masada while under Roman attach

74          China open silk trade with the west

75          Rome begins construction of famous colosseum

79          Mt. Vesuvius in Italy erupts killing 30,000  people and burying cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum

95          Apostle John writes Revelation

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