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Altar Observations

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Altar Observations


Altar(s) appears in the Holy Scripture about 1628 times.

There are 3 Hebrew words translated ALTAR(s) and 2 Greek Words

Ari’eyl                     the Altar of the Temple            3 times     Ezekiel 43:15,16,18

Madbach                  a sacrificial Altar once         Ezra 7:17

Mizbeach                 an Altar 1600 times

Bomos                     an Altar once         Acts 17:23 (false Altar)

Thusiaster                                a place of sacrifice and Altar 23 times

1656 years from Adam to the Flood the word Altar is NOT found in the Scripture

Offerings were made to God (Cain and Abel) and an Altar is assumed but not named

The 1st mention of an Altar is after the flood.

Ge 8:20                  Noah built an Altar and offered sacrifices

375+ years later, the Altar is mentioned again after the call of Abram

Ge 12:7                  Abram arrives in land of Canaan and builds an Altar when God appears to him
.                                 After Lot separates to Sodom and Gomora, Abram moves to Hebron

Ge 13:18               Abram builds an (2nd) Altar

30+ years later

Ge 22:9                  Abraham builds (3rd) Altar to offer his only son Isaac as sacrifice

85 years pass during which Abraham dies

Ge 26:24               Isaac builds an Altar after God reaffirms Abrahamic Covenant

69 years pass Jacob has stolen blessing from Esau and fled to Uncle Laban

Ge 33:20               Jacob builds (1st) alter after serving Laban 20 years and before seeing Esau

Returns to Bethel from Haran

Ge 35:1-7              Jacob builds (2nd) Altar

610+ years pass

Ex 17:15               Moses (80 years old) leads Israelites out of Egypt and builds an Altar

40 years of wilderness wanderings pass and the Altar is established as part of the Tabernacle

……and an orderly worship of God is established

Jo 8:30                   Joshua builds an Altar after the defeat at Ai

30+ years spent possessing the land. Tribes of Rueben, Gad & ½ Manasseh return other side of Jordan

Jo 22:10                                And they build an (great) Altar, which causes much concern for Israel

200 years later the Altar is mentioned again

Ju 6:25                   Gideon builds an Altar unto the Lord (after tearing down father’s false Altar)

……Judges 21:24-25 plays an important part in the next Altar that is built

Ju 21:4                   The people of Israel build an Altar

……Samuel is Judge, People want a King

1 Sa 7:17               Samuel built an Altar in Ramah

……Several years pass and Saul is the King of Israel

1 Sa 14:35            Saul built an (1st) Altar unto the Lord

Samuel has died, Saul and Sons are killed

2 Sam 24:25         King David builds an Altar to avert a plague

……David turns kingdom over to Solomon, who serves 4 years

…….and then spends 20 years building Temple/Palace

1 Ki 9:25               Solomon builds an Altar unto the Lord

……Solomon dies. Kingdom turned over to Rehoboam who sets high taxes and total dictatorship

……Israel rebels and follows Jeroboam.  Judah follows Rehoboam.

1 Ki 12:33             Jeroboam builds an Altar in Bethel (not unto the Lord)

There are still many references in the Old Testament to Altars being used, torn down and built up as False and an unto the Lord. The New Testament (other than references in Revelation refer to the Old Testament)(Matt 5:23,24,23:18-20,35  Luke 1:11,11:51  Acts 17:23 1 Cor 9:13,10:18 Heb 7:13,13:10 James 2:21) .

It would appear that the Altar is currently in Heaven (Rev 6:9,8:3,5,9:13,11:1,14:18,16:7).

It also appears that the “Cross” is the final altar (Heb 13:9-16).
Remember the final words the Lord said, “IT IS FINISHED” (John 19:30).

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