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Millennium (World Peace – 1000 years)

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Millennium (World Peace – 1000 years)

7 Millium Verses to go with Chart 3/11/02

The King of Kings on the Throne—————————————-Zech 14:9-21, Rev 5:10, 20:4

Return to Great White Throne

COMMAND:  Obey the Jesus the King

DISOBEDENCE:  Disobey Christ as King of Kings

Key Events:

Return of Christ                                                                   Acts 1:11, Zech 14:4, Rev 19:11-16

Nations Judged                                                                    Matt 25:31-46

Israel’s Land Restored                                                       Ezek 36:1-25

Israel Restored                                                                     Ezek 17:1-10, 36:26-38

Temple Restored                                                                 Ezek 40-46

Shekina Glory                                                                      Ezek 43:1-6

Israel Rules                                                                           Deut 28:13

Christ Reigns                                                                        Amos 9:11-15

Davidic Kingdom                                                                 Isa 11:1-10

Satan Chained 1000 years                                              Rev 20:1-3

1000 years with Lord Jesus Christ ruling the World from Jerusalem

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