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Age of Government (Group Rule)

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Age of Government (Group Rule)

3 Government Verses to go with Chart 3/10/02

COVENANT             NOAHIC                  (9:11-17)

FLOOD—————————————-Genesis 7:1-24

COMMAND:  Scatter and replenish the Earth              9:1

DISOBEDENCE:  Stayed together                  11:1-6

Key Events:

Noah builds his 1st recorded Altar to God       (8:20)

Approximately 150 years from Flood until Tower built

This is computed by following genealogy from Noah to Reu

Genesis 9:28, 11:10, 11:12, 11:14, 11:16, 11:18, 11:20

TOWER OF BABLE————————-Genesis 11:1-9

Approximately 225 years from Babel to Abram’s Call.

This is computed by following genealogy from Reu to Abram

Genesis 11:22, 11:24, 11:26, 11:30 12:1-4

Approximately 375 years

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