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Age Of Conscience (Moral Responsibility)

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Age Of Conscience (Moral Responsibility)

2 Conscience Verses to go with Chart 3/10/02

FALL—————————————-Genesis 4:1

COMMAND:  Know Good and Evil, Choose to do Good                           3:7,22

DISOBEDENCE:  Man cloose evil, even in his thoughts             6:5

Key Events:

Cain                                                                                       4:1

Abel                                                                                        4:2

Offerings to God                                                                  4:3

Murder                                                                                   4:8

Cain’s Punishment                                                              4:16

Seth                                                                                        4:25

Slide of Man                                                                         5:1

God’s Judgement                                                                 6:5

Noah                      (Heb 11:7)                                            6:8

FLOOD                  One year                                                                7:1-24

Approximately 1656 years from Seth to Noah’s Flood

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