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BIRDS EYE VIEW OF THE BIBLE               Seven Dispensations                           Psalms 90:2

1 Cor 9:17, Eph 1:10,3:2, Col 1:25

ETERNITY PAST—————————————-

–Creation                              Took 7 Days

AGE OF INNOCENCE                       Don’t know how long they were in the Garden

Don’t Eat of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

They Ate

–Fall                                       Took one day

AGE OF CONSCIENCE                     About 1660 years

Do Good

Did evil

–Flood                                   Took 1 year

AGE OF GOVERNMENT  About 375 years

Scatter and Replenish the earth

Stayed together and built tower

–Babel                                   Took one day

AGE OF PROMISE                             About 600 years

Stay out of Egypt (the World)

Moved into Egypt

–Law                                     Took 40 years

AGE OF THE LAW                             About 3000 years

Obey the Law

Disobeyed the Law

–Death of Christ                  Took one day

AGE OF GRACE                 2000 years So far……

Believe on Christ Jesus

Rejected Christ Jesus

——Rapture                                                                         In a moment

Believer’s removed from earth

Tribulation                                            7 years

–Return of Christ to Earth                 One Day

Millennium –                                         1000 Years

Obey the King of Kings

Rejected the King

–Great White Throne

Shoel/Hades, Ghena, Hell, Paradise, Bottomless Pit              Lake of Fire

ETERNITY FUTURE—————————————-