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Age of Innocence (without Sin)

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Age of Innocence (without Sin)

Innocence Verses to go with Chart

COVENANT             1st EDENIC              (2:15-17)

COVENANT             2nd ADAMIC            (3:14-17)

ETERNITY PAST—————————————-Genesis 1-3

Creation                                                                                                                1:1

Day 1     Day and Night                                                      1:3

Day 2     Firmament                                                            1:6

Day 3     Dry Land (Vegation)                                           1:9

Day 4     Seasons (Sun & Moon)                                      1:14

Day 5     Sea Life                                                                 1:20

Day 6     Land Creatures (Man)                                        1:26

Day 7     Rest                                                                        2:1

COMMAND:  Don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil

Disobedience: Ate

Key Events:

ADAM                                                                                   2:7

EDEN                                                                                     2:8

EVE                                                                                        2:18

FALL                                                                                     3:7

PROMISE                                                                             3:15

EXPULSION                                                                        3:24

Do not know how much time passed during this period

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